Nikita: How long have you been investigating the Triad, Jenna?

Jenna: I don't see how that's relevant to the current situation.

*Nikita sighs*

Nikita: A few weeks back, during my flood of emotions and anger... I remembered something.

But what puzzles me most is why I didn't remember right away, because my memory is flawless...

While I was thinking about my brother, St. Petersburg, you, Venezuela, Alex... everything, I remembered some vital information.

I was going to use this as a weapon against you... but, I guess I'm just saying it now...

You didn't mention it to me on day one because you didn't want me to know? Well... we go a long way back, Jenna. It's been 15 years.

*Jenna gulps slowly*

Jenna: Well, I guess everything is on the table now.

Nikita: Your righteous personality compels you to return the gift I gave you, all those years ago. I saved your life, and now you've come to save mine.

But that can't be the only reason you're here. This is your whole life's work, it was probably always your goal to turn me into an Interpol agent.

*Jenna says nothing*

Nikita: I remember everything, Jenna. I remember saving you. You were abducted at such a young age.

But that was 15 years ago, Jenna. Have you really been chasing me all this time?

Jenna: When they took me, I thought I was dead, Nikita.

I was being sold to men... my life was in ruins.

And then, one day the entire organization fell apart.

But all the other girls and I were still chained up in that basement.

I don't know why you or your men came, but I'm...

Nikita: So that's all you want to know?

Why I destroyed the Sun Yee On's human trafficking business?

They were our rivals. And they abducted children.

Nothing more. That's it, Jenna. Is that why you came here? Is that why you told me Alex and Ri Zhou killed my brother?

Is this why you're interviewing me? You could've asked one simple question.

Jenna: You act like you saved us purely for business reasons...

*Nikita stops and breathes in*

Nikita: My childhood was destroyed by crime, so yeah... a small part of me did it because it was right.

But I am not the kind-hearted man you think I am, Jenna...

Jenna: I saw your face when you opened the basement door.

You felt something real. It cut deep... I know it.

You're a genius and you want to do good. I KNOW IT!

This criminal mastermind isn't the real you!


*Jenna stops*

Jenna: You're better than the rest of them, Nikita.

*Nikita looks directly into Jenna's soul*

Jenna: Help me bring down Ri Zhou. Help me bring down Alex...

Nikita: I'm going to be brutally honest with you, Jenna.

When I noticed how intrigued you were with my life, I knew I could manipulate you to let me escape this prison.

But I'm going to level with you, darling. We aren't going to succeed in bringing down those two.

Jenna: We will! You're brilliant! And we can use Interpol's resources!

Nikita: Alex Morgan and Ri Zhou will do absolutely anything in order to keep or gain power.

Going after them is probably the most dangerous action you could take, Jenna.

So if anything, I should do this alone.

Jenna: I won't let you face the Triad alone.

Nikita: Jenna, you will die. Do you understand what I am telling you?

They will kill you, and I won't be able to stop them.

*Jenna shivers slightly*

Jenna: I'll never be able to sleep knowing I let you go alone.

Nikita: Jenna, they killed Pavel, and he was twice the man I am.

What don't you people understand? Some things are just out of your reach. Period.

Jenna: Not too long ago, you said you wanted to go to Hong Kong. You said you would work for me.

Nikita: Yep. And now I'm saying it's certain death.

Jenna: Why don't you have faith in us?

Nikita: It's not that I don't have faith in us...

It's just that I know what they are capable of.

Jenna: So you just want to give up?

*Nikita doesn't say anything*

Nikita: I don't know what I want, Jenna.

Jenna: How did you get caught anyway? And why did you come back here? What's here in London? After all that mess in 2017 with Alex, you returned?

Nikita: I'll tell you it all now if you want, but then I'm done.

Jenna: Done? What do you mean, done?

Nikita: Done telling you my story. Done talking to you. Done seeing you.

Jenna: What, why? I don't get it.

Nikita: It's for your own good, Jenna. I saved you once, and now I cannot be the reason you die.

Jenna: Let's make a compromise.

Tell me everything about the Triad, like we originally planned, but afterward... I'll set you free.

Nikita: Freedom... Yeah, that's impossible.

Jenna: No, I'll hire you and you will work for Interpol. But, I'll let you leave and live your own life.

Nikita: You would be compromising yourself then. Interpol will not understand your plan, Jenna.

Jenna: Well, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make, Nikita.

Nikita: Even if I was free, they would find me anyway.

Jenna: They, as in Ri Zhou?

Nikita: All of them, Ri Zhou, Alex, Li, Cheng...

My options are: Return to Hong Kong and continue working knowing all of what I know... or fight them.

Jenna: Well, okay then, let's fight them.

Nikita: Jenna, we have already discussed this.

Jenna: Let's reach a middle ground, what do you propose?

*Nikita sighs*

Nikita: You're so stubborn.

You have some kind of death wish

Jenna: No... I have a purpose.

Nikita: Well, it's clear I can't save you from yourself...

Here's the only reasonable way to attack the Triad -

Backstab them, or kill them all.

Killing each one of them is... probably too difficult and some of them aren't bad men.

So we would need to backstab them.

And if we attack the Triad, I call the shots, I'm in charge. You work for me. Understand?

Jenna: We'll see, I guess...

We'll discuss the plan of attack once we're in Hong Kong.

For now, I still want to know more about the Triad operations.

Nikita: If you wish.

Jenna: After that... we aim for the heart and destroy Ri Zhou and Alex... the ones who have corrupted the Triad and turned it into something sinister.

Nikita: At first, I thought you actually wanted to hear my entire life story. I'll admit I was slightly confused... but now it makes more sense.

You just wanted to get to know me and earn my trust so that we could bring down my arch enemies together. You're an interesting person, Jenna.

And, if we succeed, you'll go down as the greatest Interpol agent of all time, and you'll have helped me like I helped you... I guess I'm okay with that.

But what I don't fully understand is why we aren't leaving right now.

Jenna: I'm still waiting on my boss to give me the okay to release you and have you work on my team.

Nikita: Jenna... he hasn't given you the okay yet? He never will! He's not going to let me free...

Jenna: You'll be free and in my hands soon enough. I promise. For now until that time, just tell me about the Triad.

Nikita: Why do I get the feeling this is futile?

Jenna: Trust me, I want to go after the Triad and set you free... but it will take some time.

Nikita: There's more you're not telling me... I'm okay with that for now, but come time we're in the thick of things in Hong Kong... I better know everything.

If I'm not completely informed about you and your Interpol agents, and that causes me to make a mistake we will pay the ultimate price.

But anyway... I suppose we have a plan.

Jenna: Indeed.

*Nikita stares at Jenna*

Nikita: I'll continue with my story because it'll give you more background knowledge. But once we hear from your boss, we better move...

The longer I am away from the Triad, the less I know about their current operations. Which further decreases our chances at winning the war.

We should have had this conversation a long time ago. No point in dwelling though. Anyway, back to the story... Where was I?

Jenna: Ricin.

Nikita: Ah, yes, the ricin.