Death Is Destined



7:44 PM - San Diego

An explosive device was set off in a local Mexican restaurant, Los Carnales. The body count is not known at this time, but there are at least 9 injured.

A survivor from the explosion claims that the attacker was wearing an all-black suit and was at least 6' 2". The man threw an explosive by one of the tables and immediately ran into the bathroom where he was burned severely and gunned down by men who came running inside.

Authorities suspect gang-related violence is the cause.

Los Carnales was bombed??? Roman had his men bomb them?

The news said the attacker was at least 6' 2", that was almost exactly Roman's height. Did he do this himself?

If Roman was the one who attacked... he also perished in flames...


8:35 PM - San Diego

Update - Three bodies have been found in the wreckage and the fire department is still searching for the bomber's body.

It's over... Antonio is gone, along with his bosses... I can't believe it's over.

I never found Rich... but this has gone way too far. I better go home while I still can.

I'll send in anonymous tips to the police about everything... I need to go get all my files from my apartment... Then, I'm off to London. Goodbye, Los Angeles.

This case was a hell of a run...