Nikita: Now it was time for the break-in. I'll tell you about the first location I broke into.


Pavel: Katina, you remember all the details, right? Everything must go as we planned.

Katina: Yes, I'll be ready with the rental car at Nikita's first location, then I'll come to your location, Pavel.

Nikita: It's a simple job, but being on the lookout for potential problems is of utmost importance.

Katina: Well, let's get this party started, boys. I can't wait to have a taste of that sweet 173 million...

Pavel: Alright, I'll see you both soon. Good luck.

*Nikita gets in Katina's rental car*

Nikita: See you on the other side, brother.

The break-in was the fun part.

My brother was right, he did see a keypad lock.

I'm sure these keypad locks have tamper switches that will set off an alarm.

I need to disable the tamper switch before entering the building.

Hopefully, the practice lock my brother and I used was the exact same model...

There are screws covering the top of the keypad.

I can't remove them completely or the alarm will go off.

I can only loosen them slightly, and slip the paperclip underneath.

From here, I should be able to pull on the spring to ensure the tamper switch doesn't start an alarm.

Once I keep the spring from releasing, I can remove the metal plate and access the inside of the keypad lock.

Then, I can trigger the egress button to open the door.

This will simulate a person from within the building opening the door.

No alarms will go off from the door being opened from the inside.

Is the egress button disabled? The door should open...

My metal paperclip is touching the metal plate. Why doesn't it open?

*The door unlocks*

Oh. Perfect.

Nikita: The keypad lock system worked just like how we anticipated.

Jenna: Interesting. So you know a lot about locks, too?

Nikita: I know a lot... about a lot of things.

Ha. This is too easy.