A Perfect Storm


I've made my way to The Russian Cafe. I hope Connor was right about this place, I need to talk to Roman as soon as possible.


Hi, can I get you anything besides water?

I'm just waiting for Roman, but some tea couldn't hurt. I'll just go with that, but I should tell her I'm waiting for someone as well.


Tea, sure, and yeah, you can wait as long as you want, we aren't very busy right now.

I'm getting more and more nervous by the second... What if the cartel is onto me, what if Antonio is just minutes away? What if I turn a wrong corner...?

But what am I going to tell Roman? This is a shot in the dark, but maybe I can convince him to help me.

Why would Roman help me? Why would he fight the cartel? Apparently, he's doing business with them... I need to get creative here.

Is this even worth it? Maybe I should just run now. No... after seeing how resourceful Antonio is... I don't think I'd make it very far.

I have no choice but to get Roman's help. I guess I do actually have a small amount of leverage. I think I have a plan.


Here you go, sir. 

*The waitress hands you the cup of tea*

My left hand won't stop trembling. It's almost like my subconscious knows what's going to happen. I've never imagined how I was going to die... but to think the end is near... is so depressing.

Tea always helps... it helped me in my darkest times in London as a homicide detective. The child murders still give me chills to this day, those cases never leave my mind. The Rivera case... feels... similar.

The waitress is asking something again. I'm so deep in my own thoughts I wasn't paying attention.

Oh, wait, she's talking to... He's here, it's Roman, the suited man from Lukshon. Seriously? Luck was on my side, I guess. I didn't actually think I'd find him.

When the waitress leaves his table, I'll talk to him...

I'll tell him I've heard that he is the man to talk to around here. I should stay quite vague and gauge his interest...