Fight Fire with Fire

I've got my rental car, I hope no cartel members saw me driving to the car rental.

It's 3:38 PM, I should get going so I'm not late. April shared her location with me earlier, smart. Now I can make sure she goes to the right place.

The traffic is pretty bad right now... It might take me a little longer than I thought. April still hasn't left, so she will be late as well. I guess that works out.

The air conditioning barely even works in this car, what a ripoff, a rental car with no air conditioning. I guess I'll open the windows.

Never mind, I shouldn't open the windows. I need to stay as hidden as possible. Maybe I'm sweating for a different reason... What am I going to tell April? Her husband is gone too. I have to tell her... and I think I need to tell her about the Sinaloa too.

This case has evolved into something so much more sinister... I just can't believe how far this has gone, this is like no case I've ever investigated.

April still hasn't left the house? She's going to be super late, I told her 4:00 PM. Maybe I'll give her a call.

Wait a second... She would probably call me if she was going to be this late. This is unlike April...

It's time to meet April at Tiempo Coffee...