Dark Storms


Johnathan, it's over, the investigation is over. It's too dangerous, there's...

*Sound of a gunshot*

*Antonio picks up the phone*

Johnathan... So that's your name... It's not so wise to spy on the cartel, it costs lives...

My boss wants to bargain with you... Come to La Mexicana... or else there will be consequences. "En este mundo matraca de morir nadie se escapa..."

Hasta la proxima... Johnathan.

*Antonio hangs up the phone*

The sound of Mark's body hitting the ground keeps replaying in my ears...

My hands are trembling and I can picture the violent gunshot immediately ending Mark's life.

Mark is dead, Antonio knows who I am, the Triad and the Sinaloa are mixed up together... This is over.

This case is finished, I need to leave, and I need to tell April immediately... What am I going to tell her... poor April. This is unreal...

This is the most real fear I've felt in a long time. I need to think quickly!