Case 73 Pages

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*Drive through Chinatown to Connor's house*

The restaurant is a fancy modern Italian eatery. It looks expensive and the items on the menu are around $30. This is definitely a high-end restaurant.

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Jeez, what a long dinner, almost two hours...

Connor went to get groceries during the middle of the day, and later that night he went to a bar... But I don't know what else he did because it was difficult to keep following him in that environment.

On Friday, Connor went to the UCLA college campus and went to a house party. But once again, I had to stop here. It was too risky to follow him in there or anywhere else.

Saturday was the same day as Friday, all he did was go to the college campus at night and nothing more. His life is very strange, he barely does anything at all.

I suppose Sunday was his recovery day from all the parties because he was lying on his bed in his living room for hours and hours. I could barely see this through his window. He never left his house.

Connor has lots of free time. Almost all of his time is spent at home. Maybe he is preparing his drugs for sale? I'm not entirely sure.