Appear strong when you are weak, and appear weak when you are strong.

Pavel: Let's make sure we think this through carefully.

Nikita: I think I have an idea.

You know where he lives, right, because you tailed him?

Pavel: We won't be able to break into his house... it's too risky.

Nikita: Yeah... you said his house was fenced in and very secure.

But, we know exactly what he wants and/or needs.

Pavel: He won't know it's a trap until it's too late.

Nikita: You will call Kostya asking for help and tell him about the assassination attempt.

Pavel: Kostya will probably lie to me and tell me that he is on my side.

Nikita: Yes, and then he will think that I don't know of his corruption.

Pavel: But... we do know of his corruption... It's all a trap.

Nikita: Kostya will call his boss, so we won't have much time...

Pavel: But it should be enough time to steal the money and run.

Nikita, is this really what you want?

Nikita: Kostya is a bad man, brother. He had something to do with Lev's death.

Pavel: If we go through with this, there's no turning back.

Nikita: I know, but Pavel, I remember you saying something to me...

Pavel: Which thing?

Nikita: The day we found out that Victor had something to do with our parents' disappearance...

Pavel: Oh, yeah. I know what you're talking about.

Nikita: The ones that escape justice... meet us. This is that moment.

Pavel: I know.

Nikita: Sometimes, the right thing to do is the most difficult thing to do.

Pavel: Sometimes, the right thing to do is obscured by fear, brother.

Nikita: When we look past fear, the choice is clear.

*Pavel makes strong eye contact*

Nikita: It's time we take our life into our own hands.

Pavel: Do you remember Papa showing you that card trick?

Nikita: Yes, he made the card appear in his mouth.

Pavel: I figured out how he did it.

Nikita: It was a special deck of cards, right?

Pavel: No, he picked up two cards and made it look like one. It's called a double lift.

Nikita: Double lift... So simple... Yet it was so hard to figure out.

Pavel: That trick... just reminds me of us.

Two people, but we look like one.