Nikita: This new forensics job is great, but... the hours are pretty long sometimes.

Maya: Yeah, I've barely been able to see you recently. But at least we can spend time now!

Nikita: Did you hear about the Riddle Killer case on the news?

Maya: Yes, and I heard that you found where he was hiding and that the police surrounded him.

Nikita: Simplification... haha. But, yeah, I'm so glad we captured that guy...

Maya: Is it true that you found him?

Nikita: Hmm... that's kind of a hard question to answer. I suppose I did... but technically, I didn't.

*Maya looks from side to side*

Maya: Okay... so, what does that mean? Haha.

Nikita: To the outside world, everyone thinks I found him... but I know that I didn't find him.

Maya: Oh, my gosh. Nikita, Nikita, alwaaayyysss being tricky.

I guess it's the price we have to pay for you to save lives.

*Maya winks and smiles*

Nikita: Oh, believe me, I wish I could tell you everything but... I made a deal. And... um, it just is what it is! But, I will say it makes multitasking extremely easy for me.

Maya: It's almost like there are clones of you and you can control all of them! I honestly wouldn't be surprised, haha.

*Nikita smirks sarcastically*

Nikita: Ha! Clones, that was a good one, Maya. Creativity points for sure.

Maya: Someday, I'll figure out what your secret is!

*Small pause*

Nikita: I'm sure you will...

Maya: You always do that thing, where you wait, and somehow make the smallest of things extra, extra dramatic. It's satisfying.

Nikita: I wish I could have interviewed the Riddle Killer.

Maya: Yeah, forensic analysts probably never interrogate or interview subjects.

Nikita: I'd have so many questions for him...

Maya: Like what???

Nikita: Like, how he justified killing these people just to play a game with the police.

Or, I'd mention how the line between good and evil exists in a unique location for each individual person... I'd ask him where his line between good and evil exists.

I've always wondered if there is something larger behind the scenes that none of us ever see...

Maya: Something larger behind the scenes?

Nikita: What if some of these "bad" guys aren't bad at all, and are merely just products of life? What if evil is natural...? What if a world with no evil... would just make everyone equally evil?

*Maya thinks for a moment*

Maya: Hmm... that almost sounds like a communist-type argument.

Nikita: Well, exactly. Communism doesn't fit naturally with people at all... You cannot mold something that goes against millions of years of evolution.

Maya: From crime to politics... But, you know, that's what I love about you. The conversations are never surface level... they're so deep.

Nikita: Yeah, most talks bore me quite a bit... On a new note though, I wonder if I can become a detective rather than a forensic analyst... If I had more control of the investigation, I'd catch the criminals even more quickly.

Maya: I'm sure your boss will see how successful you are and give you some new opportunities.

Nikita: That's going to be my next goal, I think... Detective Volkov.


Jenna: You said you never made it to detective, though?

Nikita: Correct.

Jenna: So what happened?

Nikita: I'm only telling you about the most memorable cases... but there were more and I didn't notice this at first...

Jenna: Notice what?

Nikita: I didn't notice what was really going on in the police force... This police unit... wasn't what I thought it was...