Desert Heat

I've located the meeting place, now I can find high ground and spy on them with binoculars. I will get there about one hour before they do.

Now... I will see everything... I will uncover all of your secrets, Mark Rivera... It's time to bring them to light.

I see them! They're coming... I'll take a look with my handy binoculars. Let's see what they do.

It's a bit blurry, let me focus again...

Hmm, nothing too crazy right now, they're just talking... I wonder what they are talking about.

They seem to be arguing now... what is going on?

Mark just pulled out his phone, I think he is messaging someone. Who is he messaging?

What!? Antonio just raised his gun at Mark! But then lowered it... what is going on here?

I didn't notice I have an unread message on my phone from Mark, three minutes ago. So... he was texting me just now?


Johnathan... I told you to stay away from my job, I only lied to protect those that I care about. The cartel saw you tailing me... They see you as a potential problem that I need to take care of. I don't want to harm you, but you need to stay away from the Sinaloa, you don't know what they are capable of. The cartel did not hurt my son and I want to know who did. Please find out, but be careful.



Chapo, take care of this... Send Antonio to talk to Rivera, we need to take care of that investigator... Don't mess this up, Chapo, I'm counting on you. Go.