Finalize Investigation

Correct Answers

  • Why was Maya upset? = Her best friend is suicidal
  • Why does Pavel think Nikita is his better half? = Pavel thinks Nikita is more ambitious
  • What kind of job does Nikita want? = A forensics job

Nikita: My brother didn't know about this, but I was lending Victor money... He needed it and I felt really bad for the guy.

But... of course, when I got fired, I had to tell Victor I couldn't give him money anymore.

Jenna: I'm guessing Victor didn't take that well...

Nikita: Actually, Victor said he was going to get a job and that he appreciated everything I did for him... It was refreshing.

Victor was getting better, it looked like he was going to put his life back together. A weight was lifted from my shoulders.

After that night, I decided to pursue forensics... A new chapter in my life. I didn't know who took my parents, but whoever did... I wanted to understand them. I wanted to catch them. I wanted revenge.