Nikita: The summer of 2002... the good old days.

If you haven't figured this out already, I can be quite reflective. Sometimes, you can catch me trapped in deep thought...

My brother, on the other hand, had an energetic personality... He liked to use his brain to have fun, he convinced me to give it a try.

At this point, summer 2002, Maya had been more involved in my life than ever before... And, well, my brother had some funny ideas.

Jenna: Funny ideas? Are we taking a break from the crimes stuff?

Nikita: A little bit, but I'll also tell you about my first job... the chemistry internship.

Jenna: As you tell this story, I see that there were opportunities for you to have a normal life... and yet despite it all, you became a criminal mastermind.

Nikita: A normal life... You'll see how even these good old days or my job... were anything but normal.

Jenna: Anything but normal? I shouldn't have expected anything less. I'm listening.

Nikita: The chemistry internship was all thanks to Maya. She came across the position and told them she knew a really talented chemist...

I had my interview and the employers were very impressed with my knowledge. But I lacked experience so they said after one year... I'd be moved up from intern to full-time.

Honestly, I was very happy to get the job. My brother and I had been living off of the money he earned from his criminal security job... which was going to run out.

But anyway... I've got some funny stories from summer 2002, after I got my new job.

Jenna: Knowing you and your background, I wonder what you mean by funny...

Nikita: I've always been fond of worlds and life in dimensions greater than our own three. I'll admit, I've spent way too long studying the fourth dimension...

Fourth-dimensional objects can move in a direction we don't physically see... and thus, they can create true "magic".

Jenna: Where are you going with this?

Nikita: With two of the same object, you can create almost any illusion... but it's easy to deduce what happened because two of the same object isn't uncommon.

However... two of the same person is quite a bit more rare...

Jenna: Oh, boy... So you played tricks on Maya with your twin brother?

Nikita: No... I'd say it was more of showing her what the fourth dimension was capable of.

I told my brother I wanted to illustrate time travel, teleportation, and... physically being a fourth-dimensional life form.

Jenna: You're kidding, right? Time travel?

Nikita: Oh, I'm not kidding, Jenna...

Here's how the conversation went.


Maya: This train is kind of late. Hopefully, it will be here soon.

Nikita: Ouch! I just scraped my finger on the fence... Do you have any napkins?

Maya: Oh, no! What... jeez, that's a lot of blood. Yeah, I have a napkin, poor Nikita.

Nikita: Thanks, I should probably wipe my blood from the fencing too.

*Nikita wipes the blood*

Nikita: Oh, look, the train is here.

Maya: No, that's the yellow train. Whoa, wait, Nikita! Wait!!!

*Maya watches as her boyfriend leaves on the wrong train*

Maya: Umm... what?

Nikita: It looks like our train is a bit late.

Maya: What the...!?

Nikita: It's a late train... It's not that spectacular, Maya, haha.

Maya: I just saw you board a different train! How'd you do that?

Nikita: I was here the whole time, Maya...

Maya: No, I don't believe you. What did you do, how'd you do that?

Nikita: I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about, Maya...

*Nikita leans against the metal fence*

Maya: Wait, your finger isn't cut? Watch out, that fence is sharp.

Nikita: Ouch! Jeez, you're right! I just cut my finger, it's bleeding everywhere. Do you have a napkin?

Maya: What... the... No way.

Nikita: Once again... just blood, not that shocking, but do you have a napkin?

Maya: Nevermind... I think I'm having deja vu... so weird. Yeah, here's a napkin.

Nikita: Thanks. Oh, look, it's our train.

Maya: No, Nikita! Wait, that's the wrong train... Oh, wait, never mind... that's the right train. Sorry.

Nikita: Is everything okay, Maya?

Maya: Yeah... sure. Let's go with that...

*Maya looks confused*


Jenna: Oh, my god, that poor girl. And, injuring yourself just to sell the joke... I expect nothing less from a Volkov.

Nikita: Time travel... at its finest, next is teleportation.


Maya: Something so weird happened at the train station, Nikita. I still don't get it...

Nikita: Hmm, well, I can't help much if I don't know what it is, darling!

Maya: It's almost like I saw the future...

Nikita: What now?

Maya: Yeah, I don't get it either... There's the bridge, we're almost home!

Nikita: Yep, right around the corner!

Wait up, my shoe is untied.

*Maya already turned the corner... Perfect*

*Maya turns back around the corner*

Maya: Nikita?

*Maya looks around*

Nikita: I'm down here, Maya!

Maya: Why are you at the bottom of the bridge!?! How could you POSSIBLY have gotten there!?

Nikita: One second, I'm tying my shoe, then I'll be right there.

*Maya watches as Nikita takes 5 minutes to return to her location*

Maya: That was literally like 15 meters down, how did you make that jump?

Nikita: There's always more than meets the eye. Let's go home... Actually, are you hungry? You want to go to that café maybe?

Maya: You're... tricky. I still don't know what you did, but yeah, I'm hungry, let's eat.


Nikita: And that was teleportation. My brother was the one walking with her... I took the previous train and exited earlier to get under the bridge, then he hid, and I appeared under the bridge.

Jenna: Not one trick... but two, pretty impressive.

Nikita: Well, it didn't stop there, we went to the café after that... My final illusion was to truly show her I was fourth-dimensional.

Jenna: What exactly was the plan?

Nikita: Think about this for a second: a 3D object can hold infinite truly 2D objects because they have no volume, so a 4D object can hold infinite 3D objects. That's all I had to prove...

Jenna: You're acting like that's easy to prove...

Nikita: I had an idea, here's how it went.


*Maya places her plate of food on the table and takes a seat*

NIKITA: Dimensions of reality fascinate me, Maya... I love how the impossible becomes possible.

*Maya smiles*

Maya: Interesting dinner topic, Mr. Nikita.

Nikita: A 4D object can hold infinite 3D objects... It's baffling.

Maya: Yeah, I've seen some math behind 4D objects, a lot of goofy stuff happens with them.


Nikita: To make a long story short... I'd get two plates of food and eat them. Then, I'd go to get more food because that place was a buffet... but I'd switch with my brother at this point.

After I switched places with my brother, I threw up all the food I just ate into the toilet, and while I was doing that he was eating food with Maya. We continually switched places... We ended up eating 22 plates of food.


Nikita: I'm still pretty hungry...

Maya: 22 plates of food!? What is going onnnnnnn...?

Nikita: It's almost as if my stomach has infinite space...

Maya: HA! Funny joke... No, but really, how are you this hungry? This isn't possible...

Nikita: Impossible... like teleportation? Like time travel? Like infinite space?

I've always been a mystery... It's because I'm not from this world, Maya.

Maya: Huh?

Nikita: I'm from a different dimension, Maya... I'm timeless, I'm spaceless... I'm... me.

Maya: Okay, well, I don't believe you... You're tricky... You're crafty... But that's why I love you, Mr. Nikita.

*Nikita releases a small smile*


Nikita: Anyway... summer 2002, those were the good old days. That's probably enough for today, though. I'll continue my story tomorrow... on a more serious note.

Jenna: Sure, Nikita, I'll see you tomorrow.