Case 59 Pages

Page 59.4


It's 2:15 PM, I see Mark coming out of the office.

Page 59.7


Time is of the essence... let's move.

The scene is just a bunch of vehicles moving through a Border Patrol port. The guards stop large vehicles and check inside them. Some smaller vehicles are also thoroughly checked. I don't know which man is Antonio Luis.

Page 59.9


Everything was normal. I think I should watch him again on Monday, the day before he goes to Los Angeles.

So... on Mondays, Antonio takes a different way home? This must have something to do with meeting Mark the following day.

Page 59.11


He just pulled into a Mexican restaurant... I guess he is getting dinner?

Page 59.13


I hoped to be wrong... but I think this is worse than anyone expected... I think Mark Rivera is part of the Sinaloa Cartel.