Nikita: Victor Morozov... He was one my father's friends. He offered to take us in when we told him about our parents.

Jenna: How did you get from your parents' house to his house?

Nikita: After a couple hours of waiting, my brother and I walked to Victor's house... which, fortunately for us, was only about two miles away.

It started to get late, and our parents were still gone, so we left...

Pavel: Mama is still gone... and Papa too.

Nikita: The phone is still broken too.

Pavel: I don't want to stay here alone, it's scary at night.

Nikita: The sun will be gone soon, Pavel. What do we do?

Pavel: Let's run to Victor's house before it gets dark.

Nikita: Okay, let's go now. I'll leave a note for Mama when she comes back.

Pavel: Yeah, just write that we went to Victor's house.

*Leave the house and run to Victor's house*

Pavel: Come on, Niki! I'll race you there!

*Keep running as fast as you can!*

Pavel: Niki, you're slow! Come on!

Nikita: Wait up! You're faster than I am!

*Pavel slows down and lets you catch up*

Nikita: I'm tired, Pavel, let's walk.

Pavel: I don't want to be outside when it gets dark, let's go fast.

*Start running faster*

Pavel: There's Victor's house right past that tree!

Nikita: What if Victor isn't home either?

*Pavel knocks on the door*

*Wait for someone to come to the door*

Victor: Pavel and Nikita... Boys, why aren't you home?

This was a smart move from my brother looking back at it now... We didn't know what to do... so we went to Victor's house. My brother and I were pretty excited to see him.

From memory, I know that when Victor opened the front door, he looked sad... or worried. I didn't know why at the time, but I do now.

I'll reveal why he was sad later on in the story, but for now, let's continue.

Victor: Your mama and papa are gone???

*Pavel nods his head and looks at you*

Victor: Come in, I can bring you home later, I guess.

Nikita: I left a note at home to tell them we went to your house.

Victor: Good thinking, boys. Okay, do you want some food?

Nikita: Yeah! I want blini!

Pavel: Blini! Blini!

Nikita: We like those a lot. Can we have blini, Victor?

Victor: Sure thing, boys, give me 10 minutes, okay?

Nikita: Okay, Victor, thanks!

*Victor picks up the phone*

Nikita: Who are you calling, Victor?

Victor: Your parents... but they didn't pick up.

Nikita: Our phone is broken. You look sad, Victor, do you not like blini?