Converging Destiny


So, you are looking for revenge... that's a dangerous road, my friend.

It doesn't seem like he is going to kill me. I was right about Roland... he's... not evil.


I'm willing to work with you, Qian. I wanted out of this life ever since I joined...

But let me tell you about the last guy I worked with...

Roland has been prisoned in this life for almost 20 years... maybe I can find answers and set him free.


Johnathan and I had a solid plan for how to get Ri Zhou... but...

When he made contact with his superiors, Xinshen had an inside man, that ruined Johnathan's cover.

Xinshen put a hit on Johnathan and another man named Aiko, both were killed.

Every step of the way people die, this life is nothing but death. I'm sorry, Natalie... Johnathan is... gone.


The only reason I am alive is because Xinshen made a mistake and thought Aiko was the man working with Johnathan.

So here's my question, knowing all of this, do you still want to bring down the Triad?

Well, it seems I've found my calling... I will never get another opportunity like this. I can make everything right... This is the moment.


Very well... but we cannot bring justice, Qian. Johnathan tried that... we have to eliminate Ri Zhou and Xinshen.

Hmm... we need to eliminate them both, this could be challenging; we know nothing about Ri Zhou... at least Roland knows Xinshen.


We are in a good position because of our success with the Sun Yee On. Ri Zhou wants to meet with me.

I can feel the air around me grow colder... I can feel the pressure compounding. I can foresee my death.


Is everything okay? You aren't saying anything.

I'm in this now... we... are in this now. I'll tell him that this was my purpose.


You and I... we have made a great team thus far, I see only greatness ahead, Qian.