What the!?

*Oscuro immediately raises his gun*


Detective Morgan...?

I... can't believe it... they were in Venezuela...?


Move to the edge... and jump off when I tell you, detective, or I'll shoot.

Isn't he interested in how I found him? Goddamnit... I didn't see this coming...

Wait! I'll tell him I was sent to kill him... I'm not a detective anymore. That would spark his interest...


You're in the Triad??? Why should I believe that?

I'll tell him I knew he'd be here because Ri Zhou sent me...


Right... so you're a double agent. Of course. I'm going to call Ri Zhou right now to tell him you are a cop.

I need to tell him Ri Zhou sent me to kill him.


That's not possible... Ri Zhou sent you to kill me...?

I'll tell him that there are others... I'm not the only assassin. I need him to drop his weapon.


My brother... and Ri Zhou... they want me dead?

Whoa... wait a sec... he has the scar... this is Paul Volkov... and he just said that his brother is with Ri Zhou... Nikita was in Hong Kong this whole time?


And why didn't you shoot me as I walked over here... if that was your job?

I should tell him I will not kill him, I just want to bring justice... for Natalie, of course...


So you want me to confess...

Maybe I should tell him I want to catch the greater evil... Ri Zhou himself. This way, I can appear as an ally, and then backstab him.


You want information on Ri Zhou...

I will grant you this wish, but only if you spare my brother and me, we wanted to move here to start our new life.

Nikita and I want a new life for ourselves. We want a family, we want to leave the crime life.

This is not the Paul Volkov I know... is this why Ri Zhou sent me here? Paul must be convincing his brother to leave the Triad... Ri Zhou wants to control Nikita...

Of course, I can grant you immunity, Paul Volkov... hahahaha the power is all mine!


The old me would have killed you instantly... but I've changed a bit, I suppose...

I have a place that we can meet tomorrow... Alex... Ri Zhou has a lot of power, how can you ensure I live...?

Ensure you live... Well, that's funny because I'm actually going to kill you. But I will tell him Interpol will protect him.


Interpol, they have been trying to locate my brother and me for years...

Bring the police to the meeting location tomorrow... and I need full immunity.