Case 45 Pages

He knows I am a double agent. I'm still alive currently so I know he didn't tell any higher-ups yet. I should kill him and report to them myself that he had a friend in the Sun Yee On group.

Tell Roland about your past and why you are here. Inform him that you only want answers about Johnathan Steel.

Tell Roland you used to be a detective a very long time ago... hopefully, he spares your life. Then immediately tell the Triad that Roland is a traitor and that he has a friend in the Sun Yee On gang.

Blackmail Roland, and tell him that his conversation with Han was recorded on your microphone. Tell him that you have another source that will deliver the message to the Triad if you die.

You're a criminal anyway, Roland... your time has come. I'm sorry, but I cannot lose. The game has changed...

I knew this moment would come... I'm not a killer... I couldn't pull this off. Too much death... way too much. Here's my story, Roland...

Roland... you have no idea who you're dealing with, what I've gone through, or the lengths to which I'll go... to avenge Natalie.