Upper Hand

*Thao's blood slowly seeps from his skull as his body falls to the floor.*

No! No, Roland! WAIT!

Everyone is dead... Xiang and Roland killed them. So much blood... the last time I smelled the thick scent of blood was in the asylum in London.

Why did Roland shoot the second unarmed man? He did nothing to provoke us or insult us... nothing.


Why did you yell at me to stop? There was no way we could let the second man live... that's far too risky, Qian...

Xiang and I saved your life, and you saved us all when you planted the bug here.

Wait... did you hear that? Was that Xiang?

*Xiang stares directly at Roland.*

*Roland's eyes tremble slightly.*

*Xiang looks down, then nods...*


We need to leave now. We don't need to kill everyone... Qian is right. Bloodshed isn't the answer.

Agreed... but that interaction was... incredibly weird. Who was that guy? I should ask...


I don't know who he was.

Later that night instead of returning home, you decided to go back to the Sun Yee On base and try to find that mysterious man...