The End?


Interpol has found a wanted individual in Venezuela, who went by the alias Oscuro.

The master assassin has ties with the Venezuelan Syndicate. Oscuro was killed in a violent explosion, and shortly after, the Syndicate perished as well.

The location of his brother remains unknown at this time.

Just when I thought I had everything figured out... One of the Volkovs is dead? Things are starting to feel out of my control.

Is Xinshen Nikita or Paul... and does he know about his brother? He must, right?

I don't understand what he was doing in Venezuela... none of this makes sense, and I guess they called him Oscuro?

Did the Volkovs have a falling out? Were they not close anymore? I need to figure out more about which one died. I think I could use this as leverage versus Xinshen.

It wasn't me who brought justice, but someone ended that demon's life, and honestly, I'm glad they did. Now I only have one of them to worry about.

I still have connections from when I was searching for the Volkovs... I can find out more by talking with Interpol. I can ask for the detailed report.