Case 37.1.2

Shadows of the Past


Either Emma isn't telling me everything about the fight Mitch and Rich got into, or she was drunk and can't remember...

I'll make a bluff. If Emma falls for it, then I know she knows more than what she told me.

Let's begin... I'll tell her I've found out the reasoning behind the fight.

Emma: I kind of thought you'd eventually find out...

*Emma looks down at the ground*

What was so bad about that night? Why is she willing to lie and hide so many details...? She's so stressed out, I can see it.

Emma: Honestly, it was a mistake... I'm sorry, I didn't know it would cause all of this...

I'm getting closer to getting her to completely open up to me. I should be empathetic here. I'll tell her we all make mistakes.

Emma: I loved them both, emotions are emotions... I didn't know what to do. I regret my actions.

*Her eyes begin to water*

Okay... so the fight between Rich and Mitch was actually about Emma's love probably... I'll comfort her.

Emma: I know, I know... but I can't help but feel somewhat guilty for his disappearance. I wasn't that fair to him... and now he's gone. He's been gone for years...

I hate to play on people's emotions... but sometimes it's the only way to get them to open up.

I need to get more details about this party. Now that she confessed her mistakes to me... maybe she will tell me more.

Emma: Now that everything is on the table, I guess I can tell you about the party... Actually, you should probably just talk to more people that were there. I'm not feeling the best.

Understandable... I'm sorry, Emma Windale, investigations never go smoothly. I wish things were more black-and-white sometimes.

Emma: Here are the phone numbers and the names. Just tell them you know Emma... They'll cooperate.

*Emma hands you a piece of paper*

I've contacted the people Emma told me about, now I need to go through their statements.