Twelve months have passed since the abduction of Huang and the successful meeting of Fan Li.

Nothing came of the meeting with Fan Li, Chris Hamata, or Tian. It has been over a year already...

What is the point of all these meetings? I am getting no closer to finding any relevant information about Johnathan Steel.


Qian, my brother, are you okay? You seem frustrated.

You know I'd help you with anything after you saved my life in that dungeon.

Feng is a good friend... We have been through hell together... but my purpose is...

What is my purpose? I don't even know anymore. Natalie Steel, you reside in my mind, slowly wilting away. You're becoming hazy... my love.


Let's get a drink later?

Feng... he is just getting in my way. I need to find Johnathan. One way or another.


Fan Li, CEO of Endeavor Enterprise, died yesterday. The promising young genius had developed a life-threatening cancer.

The Li family is holding a wake with exclusive invitation.

More about Fan Li will be brought to you in the following days.

Fan Li is dead? Surely this is no coincidence...

One year after the first business meeting with Fan Li at HK Sky City the young genius, Fan, died from cancer. Let's see what Xinshen has to say about our next job... Fan Li's death can't be a coincidence.