Case 31

The Rivera Family


Dao: Ri Zhou, our operation has been... uncovered...

Three Years Earlier...

This story takes place in the blazing summer heat of Los Angeles, California.

It's August 2009 and the Riveras' son, Rich, has been missing since 2007.

You, Jonathan Steel, will begin to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Rich Rivera...

As events unfold, clarity might decrease... This is the puzzling Rich Rivera Case.

Good luck, Jonathan Steel.

Texting Natalie Steel

Jonathan: Hey Sis! I made it to LA, this place is so much different than London, and I've already found my first client!

Natalie: That's so awesome, John! I'm excited for ya :D don't take too long to come back and visit! Which case btw?

Jonathan: Yeah for sure, I'll come once I solve this, or before maybe. Well... it's the Rivera case, lol, the money is so good though.

Natalie: Oh boy... that case? That case is just one big rabbit hole, it never ends. I heard about it, buttttt you're my genius brother so... I don't doubt you'll solve it haha

Jonathan: Well, I better get going, I'm supposed to meet them shortly, talk to ya later Nat!

Natalie: Good luck John! Talk soon

Time to meet the River family.