Roland: I was told to get into the drug distribution business.

I wanted to avoid this... the drug trade is notorious for the violence it causes.

But... Xinshen's orders must be followed.

Xinshen mentioned that he wanted us to make a deal with the Sun Yee On.

This would have been impossible before, but now they have new men in charge. Our enemies are in prison.

Obviously, we still need to exercise caution, which is why I'll send you as a messenger first.

We need a backup plan... and we need to know what we are walking into. I should drop a microphone at the headquarters when I deliver the message. I'll see what Roland thinks of this.

Roland: I admire your bravery and intellect, Qian, make it happen.

After the police set up at Chai Wan Street, the Triad and Sun Yee On businesses have taken a hit. It is no longer safe to run the same routes and use the same laundering companies. We need to find a new stream of revenue.