I'll need to explain myself to the Triad... but I should probably contact them sooner rather than later... to come across an innocent.


*Xiang holds a gun to your head and looks at Roland's lifeless body.*

Xiang: You...

You... killed the only honorable man in this whole business.

📱Xiang: Xinshen... our newest hire, Qian Ren, killed Roland, come at once.

I understand... we will come to the citadel...

Just Ri Zhou?

Okay, I will meet Ri Zhou, I'll bring Qian Ren... sorry for this, boss.

Ri Zhou... I'm sure he's a reasonable man. I've saved his business by removing Roland... It's sad but... Roland was a traitor.

Xiang: Farewell, Roland... you were a good man, you didn't deserve this.

Let's go, Qian...

Time to meet the master himself...

Xiang: Shall I leave, boss?

Ri Zhou: No, nothing is a secret here, Xiang. You have done well. Stay here. As for you, Qian, you will die... but your family and friends will be spared, if you tell me why the hell you killed my vanguard, Roland.

You're well on your way to the depths of hell... This is the darkest descent, but at least you will finally have the chance to meet the master himself, Ri Zhou.