Case 30.1.9

Friend or Foe


Nikita... strangely enough, I feel bad for him... he has no one left?

Nikita: Thank you... Alex...

*Nikita blinks in slow motion*

Together, we can capture the greater evil! We can take down the Triad! Ri Zhou won't get away with this!

I should propose this idea to him, I hope he helps me...

*Nikita stares through me into the void*

I can't even tell if he's listening to me or not...

Doesn't he understand!? We can win! We can avenge his brother and bring down the Triad!

Nikita: And what is your plan...?

I'll tell him that I saved Detective Kai and that he owes me a favor. We can use Detective Kai to imprison Ri Zhou... I know it'll work.

*Nikita looks down at the barren earth*

He's so... difficult to read...

Nikita: So you lied to Feng about Kai...

Alex, I don't think you understand how this works.

You don't imprison Ri Zhou, you only die trying.

We have all the resources we need...

Nikita: You're a good man, Alex.


*Nikita pauses and looks directly into my soul*

Nikita: I'm sorry... about Natalie.

Natalie... my love... you'll never leave my heart... Never.

Nikita: Leave Hong Kong, Alex.

Leave!? I can't just leave... I have come so far... I can see the end... I can feel it!


Don't you understand!? This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance I am giving you! Once you ventured to Zaido, you were a dead man!!! And now you have the chance to live!

Good people always think they are so right! Take a look around you, Alex! This place is hell... literally.

LEAVE! And never return...

Ri Zhou is a scary man, no doubt, but this is my whole purpose! But I do understand...

Wait... one last question...

Nikita: Zaido... you want to know what's so special about Zaido?

Zaido can kill anyone, Ri Zhou can simply snap his fingers...

Remember Fan Li...?

I knew it... The Triad killed Fan... but how? They caused cancer somehow?

Nikita: Yes... Zaido is a building... but it is our strongest weapon. It can give cancer to any of its customers... if Ri Zhou chooses...

You'll never figure it out, Alex... It's one of my best inventions... but I regret making it... every day.

So, if that doesn't scare you enough... I will, because I will kill you if you don't leave, Alex.

I'm sorry, but I will. So leave Hong Kong, Alex.