Case 30.1.2

HK Sky City


Feng: I'll send some men to Future Tech to pick up Huang.

Once we show up at the charity, we need to wait for Fan Li to be alone.

Hopefully, he takes the offer of a free master suite in Zaido.

I'll tell Feng to have the men take Huang on a massive detour instead of killing him... Hopefully, Feng agrees.

Feng: It leaves a loose end... but I do admire empathy, I will tell the men not to kill Huang.

I'm curious... maybe Fan Li is a criminal boss as well. Then Ri Zhou's interest in him would make more sense... Hmm, I'm not sure.

I should contact Xinshen after the meeting with Fan Li occurs, with good or bad news...

Feng: Xinshen doesn't take failure lightly, but he will hear us out.

I'll see you at HK Sky City.