The Aftereffect


I just want to go home... please...


Roland... look at her pocket, it is glowing.

Oh, no... she's calling someone, probably the police. Who is this brave? How is this possible?


There's... really only one option.




No! No! Please! I'll do anything!

Xiang draws his gun and holds it to the woman. Roland is concerned that this could be a trap... what do we do now? Police warned civilians to stay out of this area... maybe she isn't a civilian. She saw us planting explosives... she saw everything.

Her body fell to the ground in slow motion... I could see the individual drops of blood hit the pavement.

Her body was so still it instantly reminded me of Natalie Steel. Death... nothing but death surrounds me.

Stay strong... and act quickly. You need to remove this body and clean this crime scene as soon as possible. The situation is extremely dangerous. There's a possibility the police could be lurking nearby.