These nightmares are more prevalent than ever... That innocent officer... killed because of the Sun Yee On. This rivalry has to end... once and for all.


Last Sunday night a violent explosion occurred at the Sunrise Fertilizer Factory. A police officer was killed in the explosion.

The detective on the job has evidence that indicates the criminal organization responsible could be based in the southern portion of Hong Kong near Chai Wan Street.

Please stay home and remain cautious until the threat has been taken care of.

The news has already gotten information from the police... but it's not bad news.

They gave me important information... the Sun Yee On could be based near Chai Wan Street.


I'm with you, Qian, it's time for payback... I... will kill them all.


The police will be waiting for you.

I'm coming with you, we will strike at a moment when they least expect.


Let's get moving, there's no time to waste...

I need to locate the headquarters that the media was talking about... I need to get there before the Sun Yee On have time to relocate.

The leaked information from the media suggests an area of Chai Wan Street holds the headquarters of a criminal gang. This headquarters isn't yours... it must be the Sun Yee On. This opportunity won't come again, you need to seize the moment! Investigate Chai Wan Street, if police are there leave immediately... otherwise, plan an attack on the Sun Yee On.