Case 27

The White Knight


Detective Kai: An acidic accident... No... not an accident. A coverup.

Hmm, outnumbered... yes... this is why a trap was set with an explosive reaction.

Such a smart idea to use potassium, but so risky to fire a gun... it's not the same person.

A classic duo... enforcer and a mastermind. But why set up such an intricate trap... and then shoot the officer?

Ah... because there was panic... or perhaps a surprise.

A trained police officer knows not to rush into dangerous territory.

And there was clearly no struggle and yet there are broken windows...

Rushing to get into a factory... so late at night. Running... yes... perhaps in fear. Hmmm...

If the perpetrators were surprised to see police, they were preparing for worse. Hmm, well it's very clear.

Such violence requires a powerful motivator.

Revenge or money come to mind. But... there is something more here...

Acid was poured in the perfect places to remove the evidence from this crime scene... I could be dealing with corrupt police.

This type of warfare hasn't been present in any previous gang fights... this individual could be new.

Forensics. Process the scene, and make sure to look outside the factory... that's where the real event took place.