Case 27 Pages

Page 27.3


I've set the trap... hopefully the men enter through the door I predicted.

Page 27.5

XIANG:Use the acid... and meet me at the van.The van is gone, Qian... the Sun Yee On must have taken it.Roland is not going to be happy...We need to call Roland and get back to base.

Page 27.11

ROLAND:I noticed you were looking at my tattoo...It's a constant reminder that even if we make it out alive...The people we become have broken minds or broken hearts, and sometimes both.You're no different, Qian... everyone in this business eventually questions who they really are.My tattoo isn't a spade like most people think. It's an upside-down...

After a series of mistakes and violence, you have yet to hear from Roland for what the future holds. You and Xiang patiently wait as Roland communicates with Ri Zhou. Ri Zhou was mentioned in Natalie's journal... could he be the one in charge?