Life or Death

*Xiang's finger moves to pull the trigger.*


Wait, Xiang...

This individual... is... interesting...

You've exposed a weakness in our business.

I'll give you two choices. You either work for me. Or I let Xiang have his way with you. I'm sure you'd prefer to live.

I see value in you... and what you told Xiang is true. If you can be our new driver, I see a place for you here.

I'll give you a shot. One... Shot...


One mistake and I'll spill your blood.


You'll be known as Qian Ren, and you can call me Roland, or Spade.

I'm surprised he didn't ask me how I was able to hijack the van... I think I'm in though. Natalie Steel, I shall find your brother.

You took a huge risk but it paid off. It looks like Roland might be our best bet at finding out more about Johnathan Steel. You're doing this all for Natalie Steel... you have to be the one to find her brother... because no one else will.