Case 24 Pages

Page 24.9


The plan worked like a charm. The van made it one more block. Then, while the van was stopped at the next light, the chloroform put the two men to sleep.

Page 24.10


This is the delivery destination... but this isn't as small of a place as I remember... What's wrong with me? These nightmares must be messing with my mind.

Page 24.11


Hmm... where is everyone? This place is too quiet, something is wrong here.

Page 24.12


The Triad must know something went wrong... but how? Hmm, I arrived about 25 minutes late. I wonder if they thought something was wrong and fled... I'll need to think of another plan.

Page 24.13

XIANG:You AREN'T our driver. What did you think would happen?Now, I'll have to go kill the fools who let you steal the van.You've compromised our business... and now you will pay with your life.

You attempted to tell Xiang that there was a big flaw in their security and that you could be their new driver... It was a bold move and Xiang didn't fall for it. You may have been too ambitious... now it's life or death.