Case 20 Pages

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The heat scan shows Natalie and the other officers on floor 1 but the signal is weak and they seem to be stuck.

Page 20.2


The drone is not able to see movement on the top level of the asylum. It would have to go inside to make sure no one is on level 5.

Page 20.3

NIKITA:What is going on here!? I didn't do anything wrong! Why am I being arrested?

Page 20.4


Take caution, detective, there's no telling what's in that asylum.

Page 20.25


DNA and fingerprint analysis would be enough to lock away Nikita for good. We can test it against the victim found in Dimitri's lab, the girl he murdered in the Pines, and fingerprint fragments we found in the asylum.

Page 20.26


The results of the DNA match the DNA of Nikita... but the fingerprints do not match... We know for a fact that he committed these crimes, but why don't the fingerprints match?

Natalie Steel has fallen. My partner in crime, gone forever. The woman who saved my life, in my very own apartment from Brian Wolf. She gave her life to end the Scarlet Seal. I must complete her mission so her death is not meaningless. Nikita swapped places with his twin... We need to interrogate his twin and see what we...