Case 121 Pages

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LI: Roland and Han are already well-informed, but I need to tell you about our job. Roland is my enforcer and Han works under Roland when he needs assistance. Our job is to grow Ri Zhou's overall profit in his cocaine business.

My goal is to grow our drug trade business. A simple way to do this is to make our competitor, the Sun Yee On, less trustworthy than us. Another option is to find a cheaper way to produce our cocaine so we can release more competitive prices. A third, but more morbid, option is to kill a lot of the Sun Yee On members....

If I can alter the product in a sneak way, I can destroy the reputation of the Sun Yee On. The amount their reputation falls by is directly connected to what I am able to do with a batch of their cocaine.

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*You hear a knock on your hotel room door*