Case 104 Pages

Page 104.1

KOSTYA: Did you gather anything else from the scene?

The victim is a male, age 39. The body is slouched against a wall near the left side of his left nightstand. The body has a bullet wound on the left temple. The body is clothed with only pajama pants.

Page 104.7

KOSTYA: ... Hmm, good work. Alright, Nikita, see you tomorrow.

Page 104.8

KOSTYA: Nikita... What the hell happened?

Page 104.9

NIKITA: Some idiots at the station misplaced all of the evidence I brought to them...

Page 104.10

PAVEL: Brother... I have some terrible news for you. I know why your team is so incompetent.

Page 104.11

JENNA: Wow... your superior was working with the mob!?