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The body was cleaned of evidence exceptionally well. No trace evidence was found on the victim. The room and house don't show signs of a break-in. This murder was almost perfectly planned. Typically, murder scenes have a substantial amount of evidence of foreign DNA, fibers and hair, or fingerprints.

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Blindfold, an apple, a doll's finger, and a bar of soap.

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KOSTYA: Everyone... come into the meeting room. There's been another grizzly discovery, a dead man in a home. We think the same person is responsible for killing the woman yesterday and this man today. We need all the information we can get...

Once again, the body was cleaned of evidence exceptionally well. The room and house don't show signs of a break-in. The previous murder, I assumed the killer charmed the woman... but now, because this is a man, I'm not so sure that charming the victim was the method of entering the house... I suppose the killer could have charmed this...

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If this killer is playing a game like I think he is, then I should find more riddles... somewhere.

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NIKITA: I didn't last time, Pavel... and a man died because of it.

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PAVEL: River and coffin... Do you think it's referring to the Moskva River?

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NIKITA: KOSTYA! It's the morgue by the Moskva, that's where the next victim works.

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JENNA: Wow... You're brilliant, why were you never a detective? You'd literally be a real-life Sherlock Holmes.