In the wake of the Kent family's disappearance, Burkittsville becomes host to a new group of visitors: Ed Barrett and James Durant, creators of the folklore-themed podcast, SuperNeutral, on which they play the roles of, respectively, the believer and the skeptic. After years of at-home research on cryptids and other supernatural events, they've traveled to Burkittsville for their first field expedition. They've brought with them interns Emma Parker and Ray Keel, and all hope that the freshness of the Kent case will yield more promising results than previous investigators' attempts at unlocking the secrets of the Blair Witch. Before their case even properly begins, the SuperNeutral crew find themselves overwhelmed by the forest. On what was supposed to be a quick scout in the woods, James, Emma, and Ray become lost in the Black Hills Forest. Can you help Ed find a way to get his friends safely out of the woods?