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⍻ Amateur Comic Book Page

⍻ Comic Book Page

⍻ Homesteader Letter

⍻ Letter from Ed

⍻ Monster Trading Card

⍻ Note from Harriett

⍻ Refrigerator Magnet

⍻ Ticket

⍻ Tooth Fairy Card

⍻ Veterinary Form

Physical Items

Amateur Comic Book Page

  • This was drawn by Tristan Kent, the youngest son of Rosemary Kent.
  • On the back is part of a company logo.

Comic Book Page

  • This is a page from the comic Ed saw Emma reading from.
  • It appears to be a warning against following Will o' the Wisps (false leaders of fortune).

Homesteader Letter

  • What the heck happened near the end of this letter?
  • Wonder if this letter actually got delivered or if it was simply found and preserved...
  • The stain in the lower-right of the second page can only be assumed to be blood.

Letter from Ed

  • Ed finally visited the Kent house.
    • By taking a photo with his phone, he was able to Emma but was unable to replicate this result.
    • Emma apparently left behind some items for Ed to find.

Monster Trading Card

  • Is this insinuating that the Blair Witch is a necromancer, or akin to one?

Note from Harriett

  • This is the letter that Harriett rushed out to give to Ed on his trip to the Kent house.
  • She warned him to take his head out of his ass and be smart, not presume he knew better than anyone else who's entered the woods.

Refrigerator Magnet

  • This is the "swag" Ed gave to Emma, which she used to hang certain documents on the fridge in the Kent house for him to find.


  • Holy cow...
  • This is Sheriff Lanning's warning to Ed to get out of dodge.

Tooth Fairy Card

  • This card was from Rosemary to Tristan.
  • There appear to be some sort of stains in several places on the card.
  • On the back of the card is another piece of the company logo.

Veterinary Form

  • There are more stains on this letter, as well as a final piece of the company logo.
    • The full logo is for "Creekside Timber Co."
  • Tank was attacked by another "animal" one of the times he ventured into the woods.
    • There is some kind of animal paw print in the bottom-right corner...


SuperNeutral Podcast

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For Investigator

  • Photo of Kents' Living Room
    • Ooh, lovely. Emma gave Ed a message in that at first glance looks to be binary code but is actually Morse code!
      • 1s equal dashes, while 0s equal dots.
    • Once deciphered, it reads:

Carver Alphabet 2.0


What location should Ed visit first?

  • Creekside Timber Co.

What location should Ed visit second?

  • Dutch Hill

What location should Ed visit third?

  • Jones Camp Falls