What is the broadcaster's missing component?

  • actuator

  • Oh, god... Once we send this to Ed, he gets back to us with an electrical interface we have to try and figure out...
  • Using the training manual and tower log, do the following steps to get the interface working.
    1. Set the filament control and plate switch to "on".
    2. Move the filament voltage to 25.
    3. Move the plate current between 400 and 500.
    4. Move the R.F. line current to 3.5.
    5. Move the plate voltage to 0, then move the P.A. volt tuner to 2,000.
    6. Make the audio waves 10 and 5 so that they match.
    7. Turn the volume down to 0.
    8. Press the "COMMIT" button and return to the inbox for Ed's message.