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⍻ Black Envelope, containing Teeth and Welcome Card

⍻ Diner Placemat

⍻ Help Wanted Flyer

⍻ Letter from Anthony to Ed

⍻ Letter from Ed

⍻ Picture of Kent House

⍻ SuperNeutral Notebook

Physical Items

Black Envelope, containing Teeth and Welcome Card

  • This was waiting for Ed on his motel bed when he returned from Anthony's museum.
  • It contains several teeth with letters etched into them, as well as a "welcome" note.
  • The letters on the teeth are:
    • E, T, N, L-, S, -I
    • Rearranged, they spell out "LISTEN" or "SILENT".
  • The teeth can also be used in conjunction with the diner placemat.
  • One of the two drawn figures appears to have his head sewn onto his body...
  • On the back, there is a pigpen cipher. Once deciphered, it reads:

Diner Placemat

  • There are a bunch of markings on this item.
  • There are also instructions for moving the landmarks on a map.
    • "Move the lumber mill south and east" DONE
    • "The ruins are northeast" DONE
    • "Tallest mountain just west" DONE
  • There is a makeshift "map?" drawn on the back.
  • The welcome card Ed found said the woods were "folding" in on themselves.
  • We must fold the map to move areas to the correct locations.
    1. Fold the left side of the paper so that the mountains are on top of the graveyard. ("There's supposed to be an old graveyard at the base of the mountain.")
    2. Fold the bottom-right corner up to the tents. ("The corner where the town is should be poking into the old decaying campground.")
    3. Fold the top of the paper down all the way from the owl on the left to the house on the right. ("They're going to get rid of that old house,"/"That means the owls will disappear too.")
  • A message will be revealed but it is missing letters.
    • Place the teeth in the spaces to complete the message.
  • The full message reads:

Help Wanted Flyer

  • As always, gotta call the phone number and listen to the recording.
  • Are the back and forth messages on the back of the flyer between Emma and Ray?

Letter from Anthony to Ed

  • So, Anthony is the one who got the sheriff to kick Ed out of his museum.
  • My sentiments exactly. I agree with Anthony about Ed and his team coming there just to exploit the Kent family's misfortune.

Letter from Ed

  • Oh, big surprise there. They come to investigate what happened to the Kent family and it begins happening to them too.
  • Ed's co-host, James, and his crew are lost in the woods. They are communicating via walkie-talkie.
    • Ed is seeking our help in helping his team get back out of the woods safely.

Picture of Kent House

  • On the back of this picture, Ed has written "There's something there!"
    • It looks like Liam Kent in the 2nd story window.

SuperNeutral Notebook

  • The notebook contains a few common ciphers.
    • I wonder if only these will be included in the season or if we'll have some other types.
  • It also includes a few snippets of supernatural beings/entities.


SuperNeutral Podcast

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What directions should James, Emma, and Ray follow in the woods?

  • Listen at the wilting tents