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⍻ Account of Search Party Expedition

⍻ Anthony's Note

⍻ Black Hills Forest Map

⍻ Building Records

⍻ Carver's Message

⍻ Compass

⍻ Historical Reenactment Script

⍻ Letter from Rosemary

⍻ Magnifying Glass

Physical Items

Account of Search Party Expedition

  • Following Masters' path on the map:
    • Masters started out at the bone-white rock, O2, and walked two hours (squares) toward the festering vermin bringing him to the whispering oaks, O4.
    • He then walked 3 hours (squares) diagonally through the oak trees, landing on R7.

Anthony's Note

  • Anthony accounts for the items he is providing us.
  • He gives us some backstory of the man who created the map, and advises us that directions are most likely by elements of the forest rather than traditional cardinal directions.

Black Hills Forest Map

  • Using the message on the back of the compass, one square equals one hour travel.
  • There are numerous writings which can be more easily read using the magnifying glass.
    • A10, A11, B10, and B11 → Deep underground, ancient roots wind through shattered skulls
    • B7, C7, D7, and E7 → Though the sun moves through the sky, the shadows of the pines stay fixed in place
    • F9 and G9 → Lost souls weep from nostalgia and regret
    • F11, G11, and G10 → Tears of the drowned ceaselessly flow down the creek
    • I3 → The ground, with its dreadful murmurs, will cradle careless travelers for eternity
    • K5, K6, and L6 → The sky shines bright red, the sun and moon are nowhere to be seen
    • L2 → The heavy limbs of trees are scarred with claw marks and carvings
    • O3 → Here the vermin fester in the bleak sunlight, but dance under the light of the moon
    • O7 → Here I saw the eyeless creatures horde their bones
    • P2 → The crows feed at blood-red dusk
    • O4, P5, and Q6 → I hear her whisper to climb the oak trees and leap into the air, but I will not give in
    • Q9 and Q10 → Forks of lightning erupt from the clear sky

Building Records

  • It sounds like the hermit Ned is talking about is actually "Carver"?
  • Following Ned's path on the map:
    • Ned started out at the mill, O12, and walked 5 hours (squares) to the horde of bones, O7.
    • The hermit's house is located three hours (squares) opposite the shadows, which are to the far left. The hermit's house is in R7.

Carver's Message

  • Damn, Carver is dark as shit, really sticking it to Rosemary.
  • Once deciphered, his message at the bottom reads:



  • On the back is etched "Each square an hour", meaning each square on the map equals one hour.

Historical Reenactment Script

  • On page 21 of Anthony's script, Goodneighbor's wife is mentioned. Her name is Propriety. That is the name Carver mentioned in his message to Rosemary.
  • The "shred of Propriety" (lock of hair) was lost at the hollow with a white tree in the center.
    • This is where Carver told Rosemary she could find him and her sons.
  • Following Goodneighbor's path on the map:
    • He started out at the white rock, O2, and walked five hours (squares) opposite of the bloodthirsty crows, P2, leading him to J2.
    • He then walked two hours (squares) toward "dreadful utterances", leading him to the witch's hollow, H4.

Letter from Rosemary

  • Rosemary is ready to take on Carver against all means.
  • She needs us to map out Carver's exact coordinates in the forest for her journey.

Magnifying Glass

  • This can be used to read the small print on the map.


Kent Case

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Carver Alphabet


Where is Carver hiding?

  • H4