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⍻ John William James Letter

⍻ John William James Patient File

⍻ Library Cards

⍻ Listening Friends of America Pen

⍻ Memo from Felix

⍻ Pig Figurine

Physical Items

John William James Letter

  • The envelope is bloody!!!
  • The blood seeped through the letter. SO MUCH BLOOD!!! WHOSE BLOOD IS IT?!?
    • Is it Jacob Nilson's blood?
  • In this letter, JWJ reveals all of his victims:
    • George Madson
    • Lloyd McGowan
    • Heather Williams
    • Marybeth Anna James
    • Valerie Madson
  • JWJ tells us he is leaving Darlington and will be obtaining new "friends". He tells us he knows where to find us.
    • If we turn our backs on him and "betray" him, he will find and kill us, as he did the others.
  • In this letter, JWJ reveals to us that HE is the dragon swan.

John William James Patient File

  • JWJ's intake form reveals that he killed his mother and father, and probably set fire to the house.
  • JWJ pleaded insanity at trial and became a ward of the state.
  • JWJ was committed to the Darlington facility on 5/18/1992.
    • The same year LFoA was founded.
    • JWJ was one of the first inmates of the LFoA institution.
  • The janitor referenced in the third letter to George Madson is Aaron de Vaille.
    • According to the spotlight of Aaron de Vaille on the Listening Friends of America Facebook page, he was originally stationed at Darlington before being promoted to custodial manager in Colorado Springs, CO.
    • The writer of the letter suggests promoting him and transferring him.
    • What were he and JWJ communing about so secretly?
  • George Madson was very concerned with JWJ's behavior and Felix, the founder of Listening Friends of America, seemed to just be brushing it off.
  • Why would a personal letter from Valerie Madson be included in JWJ's patient file?
  • The copy of slips of paper at the end of the file can be used in conjunction with the provided Hunt a Killer printout wheel. The key is "ALWAYS".
    • Find the "A" on the outer wheel. Find the "C" of "CYGNUSDRACONIS" on the inner wheel. Then find the "E" of the gibberish line on the outer wheel. The letter under "E" on the inner wheel is "W".
    • Following this pattern, we get the message: "WE ARE ALL REBORN".
    • This is the password to the encrypted video file on the flash drive from the Listening Friends of America pen (all caps - no spaces).

Library Cards

  • Each book that JWJ checked out was never returned by him.

Listening Friends of America Pen

  • There is a hidden flash drive at the top of the pen.
    • It contains an encrypted password-protected video file entitled: "Farewell".
    • The password can be discovered by deciphering the last page in JWJ's patient file.

Memo from Felix

  • This is a memo from Felix to George Madson in response to George's letters concerning JWJ.
    • It appears that Felix was not as concerned, accusing George of being paranoid, and wished to sweep the matter under the rug.

Pig Figurine

  • This is a gold-plated pig. It is representative of JWJ's mother.