"Such a lovely old compass. It has been in Mr. James' possession for some time, kept clean for a special occasion. It holds great symbolic value, to be sure, but it is such a practical device to find one's way."

~Jacob Nilson

  • The swirl designs on the face of the compass match the swirl design on the plane in the travel ad.
  • The compass is used in revealing a secret message located in JWJ's accompanying letter.

John William James Letter

"Printed just so."

~Jacob Nilson

  • Why did JWJ misspell "cannot"?
  • This letter is very morbid.
  • When JWJ was a boy, his mother had told him she would watch over him from the stars after her passing.
    • Is this the reason for JWJ's obsession with constellations?
  • JWJ recalls leading a pet pig to the slaughter in his childhood.
    • This reveals he is willing to make sacrifices for the greater (his) good.
  • JWJ mentions longing to be in the stars, meaning dead.
    • Is he planning to commit suicide?
  • Once again, "X" marks the spot.
  • Place the compass over the "X.", making sure "North" is pointing in the direction indicated by the coordinate. Find the first number of the coordinate, and mark it. Using a ruler, measure the distance in millimeters (provided from the coordinate) from the "X". This will lead you to a letter. These letters will spell out a message.
    • "I will leave soon. Freed from Hades. I will never look back. I will not make the mistake of Orpheus. The time draws near."
  • This message alludes to JWJ either killing himself, or escaping Darlington facility and leaving it all behind.

Listening Friends of America Letter

"Perhaps someone is beginning to believe they are above their station."

~Jacob Nilson

  • This letter is not as upbeat as Jacob's other letters. It reeks of impending doom, as if Jacob has given up but wishes us to persevere.
  • The first letter of each word reveals a hidden message from Jacob.
    • "Please see my message. Read. I think my life is in danger. Madson was a step stone. Ergo I could be one."

List of Coordinates

"Perhaps the numbers assist in an adventure. But if so, where is the map?"

~Jacob Nilson

  • The coordinates are used on the accompanying JWJ letter to reveal a hidden message.

Marybeth Anna James Medical Records

"Why indeed would Mr. James take so many pains to share his mother's history? What does he hope to share with his Dearest Friend?"

~Jacob Nilson

  • Why were Marybeth's medications switched so often within a single year?
  • The included x-ray appears to be of Marybeth's dislocated shoulder.
  • Why did Marybeth sign her letters to Dr. Jenkins as Emmabee?
  • Who was the doctor on television Marybeth was wanting to see?


  • The photo depicts a woman in a bathtub.
    • Could this be Heather?

Porcelain Pig

  • This porcelain pig is representative of Valerie Madson.
    • The color, pink, can be connected with the mention of Valerie's dress the night she met Jacob in the email printout received in Episode 6.
  • Did Valerie come to confront JWJ at Darlington and he killed her, or did he leave the facility and track her down?

The Dragon Swan

"Another hand-picked-and-printed design from Mr. James. What does it represent? or who? And from what does it rise?"

~Jacob Nilson

  • This picture infers that the Dragon and the Swan are intertwined.
    • The Dragon represents JWJ's father asserting his control and overpowering JWJ's mother, the Swan.

Traveler Ads

"Who would want to hold onto this and why? It certainly is not new."

~Jacob Nilson

  • Did JWJ have these before he got committed?
    • Did he plan to travel/flee?
    • Was he hanging on to this item as a reminder of his freedom?
    • Did this item belong to his mother, who never was allowed to travel anywhere because of her abusive husband?
    • Did he send it to us because he is finally giving up any hope of traveling anywhere ever again?
  • The swirl design on the plane in this ad matches the swirl designs on the face of the accompanying compass.


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