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Physical Items

Child's Card

  • From Valerie Madson's first email to Jacob Nilson, it is revealed that Noah is George Madson's son.
    • Given his penmanship and the fact that Valerie doesn't know how to tell Noah of George's disappearance, it can be deduced that Noah is either pre-adolescent or a mentally handicapped person.

Coded Lock

"How does one open a lock without a combination?"
~Jacob Nilson
  • The combination to this lock is "413", taken from the bible verse 4:13 given on the accompanying funeral pamphlet.

Email Printout

  • Why does Valerie remember exactly what she was wearing when she first met Jacob?
    • Is she possibly infatuated with him?
  • The first email is not dated, although the second is (March 4).
    • The second email specifies it was sent "12 days ago".
    • How much time passed between the first and second emails? Why no response from Jacob?
  • According to the first email, the police have been investigating the disappearance of George Madson. They have come up empty-handed so far.
    • This email suggests George may have been killed and the murderer was very thorough to cover their tracks as well as the body.
    • Valerie believes George was kidnapped against his will. She believes he was a good man, a family man.
    • Valerie believes the police are giving up.
  • According to the second email, Valerie had come upon possible proof that George had a side project pertaining to Listening Friends of America and the compound in Darlington.
    • What kind of side project was George working on? Does it have something to do with his disappearance?
    • What kind of documents had Valerie happened upon?
    • Did George stumble upon something proving that JWJ murdered Heather? Is that why JWJ killed George, and then had to silence George's wife when she made the discovery?
  • If one emails Valerie, a default vacation email is sent back stating she has gone on a "spiritual journey".
    • Did she discover something deeper about George's disappearance, the perpetrator found out, and chose to silence her as well?

John William James Letter

"What odd phrases Mr. James uses. There must be reasons for his word choice. But how many?"
~Jacob Nilson
  • There is no space between "mistake)discover".
    • Is JWJ telling us to discover mistakes?
  • Is JWJ a sociopath or is he just referring to the learnings of a young child?
    • He mentions his mother teaching him the difference between difficulty and caring, pain and kindness...
  • Why is he referring to orchestral instruments and terminology?
    • horns in an orchestra
    • snare drum
    • timpani
    • mad conductor
    • pit
    • intermission
    • symphony
  • Why did JWJ capitalize "Fear" and "Anger"?

Perillos of Athens

  • Perillos was a bronze worker who designed a device called the Brazen Bull to be used to painfully execute criminals. The Brazen Bull was a hollow bull. Prisoners were locked inside and roasted to death by a fire underneath. The device was even designed to channel the screams of the burning prisoner out of its nose to sound like a bull. Perillos pitched his invention to Phalaris, a tyrant lord of Acragas in Sicily. After Perillos showed Phalaris the bull, the inventor was put inside and a fire was lit underneath him. History isn't clear about if Perillos was pulled out before dying, only to be thrown off a cliff by Phalaris' men, or if he expired within the bull. Either way, the bull did him in.

  • In the last section of the letter, the first line reveals the message "I KILLED HEATHER".
    • This is found by using the code taken from the bottom of the accompanying LFoA letter and highlighting the appropriate letters using the provided highlighter.
    • Does this mean Heather was the body in the heading-only article in the Xeroxed collection in Episode 5?

Listening Friends of America Letter

"That is a curious design in the footer. New stationary? Whatever it means, it is out of my hands."
~Jacob Nilson
  • The key at the bottom of this letter is in reference to a code in the accompanying Friend letter.
  • The phrase "out of my hands" is hinting to look at the funeral pamphlet with the illustration of hands on it.

Marybeth Anna James Memorial Card

"Poor Mrs. James. She was such a wonderful, tormented soul. Those Psalms leave a number of impressions."
~Jacob Nilson
  • Why does "Jacob" speak as if he knew JWJ's mother personally...?
  • The final psalm verse (4:13) is the combination for the accompanying lock.
    • Does "Thessolonians" translate loosely to "the solutions"?
  • This pamphlet suggests that JWJ's hometown may have been Cecil, Ohio.

Porcelain Pig

  • Considering the pig is blue, and Heather had an affinity for blue (obsession with water and letters always printed on blue paper), the pig is representative of Heather.

Second Letter from Heather

"It appears Heather was quite attracted to Mr. James, though it seems she began to loose it at the end."
~Jacob Nilson
  • "Jacob" uses the word "loose" when he should have used "lose".
  • Heather pretty much confesses in this letter that she killed the people in the news article collection from Episode 5.
  • She mentioned standing at the "first oblisk" (the Concord Point Lighthouse?).
    • Was there more than one obelisk in whatever she and JWJ had planned?
    • Why does she misspell "obelisk"?


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