"Concord Point Lighthouse" Postcard

"What roads would lead to this tall structure?"

~Jacob Nilson

  • The Concord Point Lighthouse was built in 1827 where the Susquehanna River meets the tidal flow of the Chesapeake Bay. It is one of the oldest lighthouses in continuous operation on the East Coast.

John William James Letter

"What an odd sounding sentence that is."

~Jacob Nilson

  • The line "You are my Light, my star in the Night" is telling us to refer to the star chart from Episode 1.
  • If you repeat the line "You can act up the case, let hers dry" over and over aloud, it will start to sound different. From this, we can derive:
    • "You connect uppercase letters. Try."
    • This is a hint to connect the uppercase letters in the accompanying LFoA letter.

Letter from Heather to JWJ

"Wasn't it Heather who was the last to write back to Mr. James? Wasn't she the last allowed to write back at all?"

~Jacob Nilson

  • This letter is proof that JWJ used to have two-way correspondences in the pen pal program.
    • Why, exactly, were his rights to receive letters taken away?
    • What happened with Heather?
  • This letter had to have been written in 1994 or later.
    • The typeface is in Comic Sans font, which was released by Microsoft in 1994
    • Heather speaks of a mixtape
    • Heather uses the word "psych", which was frequently used in the 90's as a term meaning "not really/just kidding"
  • Was JWJ surreptitiously convincing Heather to commit a criminal/violent act?
  • How did she plan to "set [Allan] straight"?
  • Why the mention of water?

Listening Friends of America Letter

"I suppose there must be some reason it was written this way."

~Jacob Nilson

  • No sentence is capitalized. The only capital letters are sporadically spread throughout the letter in the middle of sentences.
  • When the uppercase letters are connected with a line (using the provided ruler and pencil) following the sequence of the words at the bottom of this letter, the pattern of Draco is made.
    • Draco is a constellation that can be found on the star chart from Episode 1.

Listening Friends of America Pencil

"Well, doesn't this seem a bit off the mark."

~Jacob Nilson

  • The pencil is embossed with "...Listening Friends of America".
  • It was intended for us to sharpen and use to connect the uppercase letters found in the accompanying LFoA letter.

Newspaper Clipping

"Would you look at that. Mr. McGowan bought the farm."

~Jacob Nilson

  • This article provides that Lloyd McGowan is now dead, having been poisoned with an insecticide.
  • It is undetermined whether Lloyd McGowan's death was accidental, suicide, or murder.

Photocopy of Newspaper Clippings

"These seem connected somehow. But perhaps the pattern is too drawn out."

~Jacob Nilson

  • Could Heather be the killer in this spree?
  • The victim in Dallas, TX was killed while his parents were out and had his tongue torn out.
    • In Heather's letter to JWJ, she mentions visiting Allan while his parents are out and setting him straight. He had lied to her about loving her.
    • Removal of the tongue is common revenge of someone spewing lies from their mouth.
  • JWJ could have manipulated Heather into murdering along the way to see him, just as he is trying to manipulate us into doing things for him.
  • If the murders occurred in the order on this map and Heather was the killer, she could have been on her way to see JWJ.
    • For some reason when she got there, she was possibly killed and could be the woman found in the mouth of the Susquehanna River, she killed a woman for some reason, or it's just a happy coincidence and is not related to the previous murders.
  • The killer obviously had at least some basic anatomical knowledge, having targeted the liver in each and every victim.
    • Could this Heather be the same Heather George Madson corresponded with in Lloyd McGowan's transfer file in Episode 2?
    • This could be possible if she was corresponding with JWJ between 1994 and 1997, made her way up to Darlington, MD to meet with JWJ, and decided to become a member of the staff to remain close to him.
    • This would explain her anatomical knowledge, assuming she was, indeed, the Head Nurse at the time of Lloyd McGowan's transfer.
  • Since the articles are not dated, Heather could be the body found in the Susquehanna River if she was killed after becoming Head Nurse at the Darlington, MD facility.


...Listening Friends of America
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