Faustus Print

"Isn't it amusing, the story of Dr. Faustus? A man who craves a solution to his demons, only to find new ones."

~Jacob Nilson

  • The photo is of Faustus conjuring Mephistopheles.
  • Taken from a printing of "The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus" play, 1620.
  • Non sequi sus. Sequitur. Canes ostendere veritas. = "Does not result from a pig. Follows. Reality show dogs."

John William James Letter

"Mr. James, eloquent as ever. But this is an odd turn, digging up old news. What does he mean to say?"

~Jacob Nilson

  • The envelope came sealed, and the letter was partially glued to the envelope's interior.

  • He seems to be starting new lines in the middle of sentences.

  • He refers to sinkholes of his childhood, having become fascinated with them ever since.

    • This explains the sinkhole article he included in Episode 1.
  • "Whan that April with his showres soote the droughte of March hath perced to the roote, and bathed every veine in swich licour, of which vertu engendred is the flowr" is the introduction to "The Canterbury Tales", but with some words spelled differently.

    • "April" instead of "Aprill"
    • "Showres" instead of "shoures"
    • "Droughte" instead of "droghte"
    • "Veine" instead of "veyne"
    • "Flowr" instead of "flour"
  • "Shoures soote" = sweet showers, rain

  • "Droghte" = dryness

  • "Veyne" = vein (of the plant)

  • "Swich" = such

Modern English Translation

  • "When April with his showers sweet with fruit the drought of March has pierced unto the root and bathed each vein with liquor that has power to generate therein and sire the flower."

Letter from Dr. William Richter to Dr. Samuel J. Hawkins

"Dr. Richter. I do believe reasons for his early retirement were never disclosed. He did seem like such a nice man."

~Jacob Nilson

  • Who is/was Dr. Samuel J. Hawkins, and what facility was he with?
  • Why did Dr. Richter feel the need to confide in Dr. Hawkins, when Dr. Richter planned to practically wipe Lilian Grayson out of existence regardless of Dr. Hawkins' thoughts on the matter?

Listening Friends of America Letter

"It is quite clear that the circumstances surrounding Mr. Madson's disappearance are quite mysterious indeed."

~Jacob Nilson

  • George Madson seems to be completely out of the picture now.
  • Jacob Nilson has been promoted to "Vice-President/Head of Darlington Operations".

"The Ohio Farmer" Page

"Here is an interesting bit of history copied in one of those charming printing classes. How strong the advertisements are. Ohio seems a bit far away from Darlington, but I suppose that depends on the scale of the map at which one looks."

~Jacob Nilson

  • This article points to JWJ possibly being from Ohio, as he speaks of growing up on a farm in his accompanying letter.


"What a strange man. What was that pilot's name?"

~Jacob Nilson

  • This is a gift from Lloyd McGowan for us helping in his exoneration.


...Listening Friends of America
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