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⍻ Alphabet Card

⍻ Bloodied Pen

⍻ John William James Letter

⍻ Listening Friends of America Letter

⍻ Medical Bracelet

⍻ Photograph of a Red-Painted Barn

Physical Items

Alphabet Card

"There is no sentence here. Why punctuate? Does 'X' mark the spot? the end? or the beginning? What a jumble."
~Jacob Nilson
  • Found in "Infant's Cabinet of Birds and Beasts" book. The period was moved from the Z to the X.
  • According to the inspector notes, "X" marks the spot, end, or beginning.
    • "X" marks the spot in the Winter Puzzle hint: "XXXX".

Bloodied Pen

"It would appear that Mr. James finally got his pen, only to give it away again."
~Jacob Nilson
  • It came very well wrapped in saran wrap.
  • It is actually a penknife, which is covered in some sort of sticky reddish-brown substance.
    • Is it blood?
    • Is it iodine?
    • Is it wood stain?
  • JWJ said he wished he had a pen in his first letter. It seems he finally obtained one.
    • How did he receive it, and a penknife at that?
    • What did he do with it? Who did he hurt?
    • Why did he send it to us?

John William James Letter

"An interesting letter, to be certain. He refers to some sort of obelisk, though which isn't clear. His O's and L's seem a bit odd in this letter. Perhaps something is wrong with the typewriter."
~Jacob Nilson
  • In this letter, JWJ speaks of binary code. There is a binary code hidden within the letter. When solved, it reveals the message: "I got M".
    • Who or what could M be?
    • Could it be Madson?
    • Did JWJ retaliate against George Madson in some way?
  • The inspector notes for the alphabet card refer to "X" marking end or beginning.
    • "X" marks the ending of the binary code message in this letter.
    • "X" marks the beginning of the two anagrammed words in this letter.

Anagrammed Words

  • mooded = doomed
  • scungy = Cygnus

  • The obelisk JWJ mentions refers to the "crazy" statue in the Paul Redfern story.
    • The obelisk was in a dream and therefore metaphorical, not a literal obelisk.
    • He was alone but felt a presence, the presence of "Jesus".
    • It towered over the lands.
    • The ill omen was that of Paul Redfern crashing his plane nearby.

Listening Friends of America Letter

"It would appear that Mr. Madson has fallen in stature. Why should his title change?"
~Jacob Nilson
  • George's Madson's title has changed to "Transition Facilitator".
  • In this letter, George points us to the Winter Puzzle on the Listening Friends of America website.

Medical Bracelet

"I suppose no one will be needing this anymore."
~Jacob Nilson
  • The bracelet reveals JWJ's birth date and full patient number.

Photograph of a Red-Painted Barn

"What a lovely shade of red. But who would have been able to take this photo? No one is allowed a camera."
~Jacob Nilson
  • The image in the photograph appears to be a part of the Darlington facility grounds, as noted in the inspector notes: "But who would have been able to take this photo? No one is allowed a camera."


...Listening Friends of America

Inspector Notes Database

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  • Winter 2017 Newsletter
    • Winter Puzzle Solution

    • "Bpazil" misspelled on purpose...

    • PR leads to Paul Redfern

    • P is the 16th letter of alphabet and R is the 18th letter of alphabet = 1618 - JWJ's patient number

    • Pilot: Paul Redfern

    • ???? = 1902/XXXX = 1618

    • Leads to audio file on LFoA website

  • Hidden Audio File