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⍻ John William James Letter

⍻ Listening Friends of America Letter

⍻ Lloyd McGowan Personal File

⍻ "The Dragon Devouring the Companions of Cadmus" Print

⍻ The Poem

⍻ Tooth

Physical Items

John William James Letter

"He has such a way with words. I think we need to look for leaks in the building because there is some kind of residue on the back of the letter."
~Jacob Nilson
  • "fi" in this letter is scrunched together.
  • Some words in this letter are misspelled or unnecessarily capitalized.
  • If the dragon print is placed over this letter, a hidden message is revealed:
    • "Discover. Don't believe them here."
  • At the bottom, JWJ mentions an inspector owing him a favor.
    • Is said inspector Jacob Nilson? If so, why would he owe JWJ a favor...?
    • Why would the inspector not just let JWJ see the file instead of sending it to us?

Listening Friends of America Letter

"Nothing unusual here, George being stuffy as usual."
~Jacob Nilson
  • George Madson's title has changed to "Vice-President and Lead Encouragement Officer".

Lloyd McGowan Personal File

  • Lilian Grayson was stabbed in the abdomen 13 times.
    • Possibly to kill an unborn fetus if she was, indeed, pregnant?
  • Why, exactly, did Dr. Richter want to take a more direct interest in Lloyd McGowan after the incident in the exercise yard?
  • Why was Dr. Richter so eager to be rid of Lloyd McGowan...?
  • Lloyd's transfer file was sent to George Madson in 1997, when George didn't start LFoA until 1998, according to the LFoA Facebook page spotlight.
    • Had George been with LFoA longer than they're letting on?
    • Has he been with them from the beginning in 1992 and worked his way up to Vice-President before 1997/1998?
  • There is a discrepancy between Lloyd's birth date being the 16th or the 17th in his patient/transfer file.
  • Lloyd McGowan was on Mellaril at the time of Lilian Grayson's murder, as well as confined to his room. He would have been in no state to commit murder and/or rape.
    • Is Heather the Head Nurse?
    • Is she George Madson's wife?

"The Dragon Devouring the Companions of Cadmus" Print

"This is such an interesting picture. I think Mr. James made it in Arts n crafts. He's very talented. I wonder why he chose to leave some areas blank."
~Jacob Nilson
  • The gruesome scene was inspired by the story of Cadmus in Ovid's "Metamorphoses". Cadmus was sent by the Delphic Oracle to follow a cow and build a city at the first place it decided to lie down. The cow eventually collapsed at the future site of Thebes. When Cadmus sent his men to fetch water, they were killed by a dragon guarding the spring. Cadmus then slew the dragon, as seen in the background. On the advice of the goddess Athena, he sowed the dragon's teeth in the soil, from which armed men sprung up. Five of them became the ancestors of the Thebans.
  • When laid over the accompanying letter, a message is revealed:
    • "Discover. Don't believe them here."

The Poem

"Mr. James really is an amazing man. And so creative. I can't imagine Mr. James making a typo, but I don't understand some of his words. He's doing much better than our other patients. There's some blood on the poem. I hope he's O.K. I don't think it violates any regulations."
~Jacob Nilson
  • Reference to Janus in the accompanying letter points to looking forward and backward - reading certain words backwards.
    • llew(spring) = well
    • ecalp = place
    • seloh = holes
  • "Place holes well" is telling us to place the dragon print atop the accompanying letter to reveal a hidden message.
  • The first letter in each line of the last stanza in the poem read: "See Truth".
  • "Throw away these lines, he wins."
    • Does he mean George Madson, or Lilian Grayson's murderer?
  • The thumbprint on the front of the poem is blood, according to the inspector notes.
  • Why did Jacob think blood didn't violate any regulations?
  • When the black light is shown over the back of the poem, JWJ's patient number (1618) can be seen in opposite corners.


"I don't think this is Mr. James' tooth."
~Jacob Nilson
  • Relates to the myth of Cadmus and the dragon.
    • After slaying the dragon, Cadmus buried its teeth in the soil. Armed men sprung up and began fighting each other. Only five survived.


...Listening Friends of America

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