A Look Inside My Angsty Mind

An incomplete collection of original poems, songs, and short stories I wrote in my late teens to mid-twenties...

The following poems and stories are dedicated to: Barbara Kaddatz, Elias Constance, Max Abbas (RIP), Steve Johnson (RIP), Kyle Hansen, Greg Allex, Amanda Augustine, Chewy Kaddatz (RIP), Ian Tjaden, Marilyn Manson, Eminem, Limp Bizkit, Metallica, System of a Down, Static-X (RIP Wayne Static), Disturbed, Korn, Linkin Park (RIP Chester Bennington), Staind, Alan Eller, Dan Ward, Anthony Thone, Travis Nesburg, Ali Abdi, Ray Hill, Jay Jensen, Tony Pribbenow, and Abdirizak Farah. 

Out of respect for even the ASSHOLES named above, unless in the title or content I will not include which people inspired which poems/stories.

There is no shame; admittedly, some of these just suck ass.

Despite some content, I have never been suicidal.

Mar 07


Don't think you can get out of it

The note under the pillow stated, "You're going to die in the near future." It had been pasted together from letters out of a magazine. Max Abbas crumpled the piece of paper into a ball. It must have been a joke from one of his pesky little siblings.

Mar 07


Are you hooked on yourself

A helicopter descended into a field of tall, dead grass that stopped just above a full-grown man's waist. Its silhouette barely seen against the dark sky even with the full moon shining brightly. Five figures emerged from the chopper dressed in military décor. The rest followed as one of them took lead. Another ran ahead.

Dec 14


I dreamt of you the other night

Dec 14


Never wanted to be your girlfriend

He only remembered leaving the party and getting into his car. It went black after that. He didn't know what had happened. Max Abbas was now in the middle of a cornfield. His head was throbbing. He raised a hand and touched the back of his head. He felt wetness there and pulled his hand away to discover his fingers full of blood....