Darryl Fanton Foundation

  • The website's most important feature is that the foundation lists Noah's Song as a philanthropic cause. The DFF's funding comes from Darryl's estate, the vast majority of which is comprised of FLUF royalties.

From Florida with Arts

  • In Mickey and George's interview with John Bjorn Encke, John Bjorn lets slip that he was with Sally, contradicting his police report and confirming that he and Sally were both away during the murder, which is what Will suspected all along.

Kids Music Wholesale

  • Kids Music Wholesale operates as a for-profit wholesale distributor of children's music.

Noah's Song

  • According to the budget summary reports, "foundations" (of which DFF is the top benefactor) provide the vast majority of funding for Noah's Song. This funding spike in 1983 and 1993, when Sewer Horse re-released Afterparty (according to Will's blog), and again in 1998, when the 25th Anniversary Commemorative Box for Afterparty was released.
  • Important to compare are the total cash expense and total in-kind expense. Total cash expense is the running cost of the organization, day-to-day expenses, supplies, payroll, etc. The total in-kind expense includes donations from Noah's Song to other organizations, which is their advertised purpose. The total cash expense is much higher than the total in-kind expense, and over time the amount of cash expense leaving the organization is very high compared to how much is actually being donated.
  • Beginning in 1983, the "fundraising fees, materials, and products" expense line increases and is consistently higher than the other expenses. Kids Music Wholesale begins to pop up here, and is the top vendor for the majority of the next 17 years.
  • Janine was purchasing her own instruments since 1983. Between 1998 and 1999 alone, Janine pockets over one million dollars.

Watchful Will

  • Will's website correctly points to some information, though his conclusions are incorrect and based on faulty logic.
  • Will believes that the shoddy contract agreement between Sewer Horse Records and the band proves that the record company was behind Darryl's murder. In fact, the shoddy contract deal merely placed the royalties in the hands of Darryl.
  • On this site, Will also discloses the police report from his run-in with the police at the Mojo Lounge the night of the murder, which helps establish the timeline of events and also confirms his alibi. Comparing this report to Will's statement in the Commemorative Booklet, the following additions can be made to the timeline of events:
    • 12:03 AM - Police arrive at the Mojo Lounge.
    • 12:15 AM - Will leaves the Mojo Lounge.
    • 12:25 AM - Will arrives at the motel and discovers Courtney passed out.
  • According to the map of the motel floor plan, Janine stayed in the room adjoining Darryl and Sally's room.
  • Will also points out that Bobby had a history of hiding things due to his growing paranoia.

Post 3

  • Post 3 is solved by finding the song titles of the lyrics in parentheses, then using the corresponding track times from the back of the album as the key.
    • Siren with the Candy ⇒ I didn't kill anyone.
    • Baby, You and Me ⇒ Just me.
    • Bad Things ⇒ I'm sorry I got him hooked.
    • Every Day Goes By ⇒ They call me the Snow Queen.
    • A Crystalline World ⇒ I couldn't even be a princess.
    • I Dug Myself Under ⇒ I deserve to be forgotten.
    • This All Leaves Me Now ⇒ By my friends, by my love.

Post 8

  • If Will believes the message is from EnTeR "after working on it for a few hours", then he must have discovered some pattern. ENTER has five letters, the same as the first line of the message.
  • So, if XUQOB = ENTER, then what is the key to solving the whole message, when there are no repeated letters in the first line? It is nearly impossible to decode this cipher without knowing that it is written using the Bifid technique, where letters are given coordinates in a 5x5 grid (I/J traditionally use the same space) and the coordinates are split and rearranged.
  • However, Will found this note on the ground. If someone had intended for him to read it, they would have given him some sort of key or additional clue. Will just happened to stumble upon a random encrypted poem and saw more in it than was there.
  • The message, once decrypted, reads: "Enter, if you dare. No one will free you from the dark."
  • The message is ominous, for certain, but the truth is that this note has nothing to do with Sewer Horse Records, Will Fox, or Darryl Fanton.

Post 10

  • The note from Will to Bobby is used to solve this code. Convert J, Q, K to 10 and A to 11.
    • "Bobby and Ian were not in their room when I returned."